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Cruelty of a Non-viable Heartbeat and the PLUBs That Love Them

Good evening everyone…Minx here, and I feel like being naughty. Have you all read Wonk’s recent post? It has inspired me.  So…In the spirit of behaving badly, I have a few bills of my own that I think should be taken into consideration. First, when eighteen year old boys have to register with the Selective Service, they also register with the Forced Volunteer Vasectomy Agency or FVVA.  This organization tracks young men’s contributions to The National Womb for Fetus Development and Personhood…here is how it works. For young men who lack a High School Education, they will “volunteer” to be snipped, because we all know that uneducated men do not make enough to support themselves “and” a post-fetus human being aka child, on their limited income. After a 4 year interval those on the FVVA list will be interviewed regarding their future high income ability. Those who do not have a college degree will submit to a volunteer vasectomy after they produce one “viable” offspring. Why should they have more than one right? This would have a two-fold effect…in that it would help to bring the average IQ up, as well as, help with overpopulation. Since those professional couples with higher intelligence tend to put off having kids anyway…it seems like a win-win situation. But we can’t leave those pesky women and girls out of the equation either. I propose special Fetus Incubation Pods, developed so that these pro-life-until-birth lawmakers and fundamentalist christians with fetus fetishes can keep constant watch over the developing future ignored and neglected oxygen breathing “former fetus.” A note on the term pro-life-until-birth fanatics, or PLUBs as I like to call them…interesting that the acronym sounds like a blob of cells hitting the abortion doctor’s floor…a clump of cells, I might add, that seem to enjoy more rights these days than live breathing former fetuses do. Anyway, back to the fetal incubation pods. These pods force the young girls and women to engage in healthy nutrition and a constant bombardment of fundamentalist christian approved programming, as well as, a constant stereophonic HD streamed heartbeat of the little person in their wombs so that they are reminded of the “Bad” choice they made to have sex…whether it was “forcible” or not. These pods, of course, would not be funded by the tax payer. They will be paid by the women themselves. If the female can’t pay for fetal incubation pod, then they sign a contract to work for various fast food restaurants without pay, until their pod bills are paid in full. Another idea, which will cuts cost big time, would be the utilization of an ankle type device, like those who are under house arrest. These ankle bracelets would monitor the ovulation cycles of all post-pubescent girls and women, until their reproductive organs have shriveled up beyond recognition…taking on the form of raisins and prunes. When an ovulation cycle is completed, if a person is created, then the woman is transferred to the fetal incubation pod. If a spontaneous abortion aka miscarriage occurs, the woman can automatically be given a lethal volt of electricity via the ankle bracelet. That can save lots of money by cutting out any police arrest, jail time, and trial cost. Those PLUBs will love that. But seriously, the assault on woman’s reproductive health is growing bolder by the day. Check out the links below for proof of this: Abortion Law: Mother Denied Abortion, Then Had To Watch Baby Die – NE Her baby wasn’t expected to live, but Nebraska law banned abortion | The Des Moines Register | Neb. woman says she couldn’t end non-viable pregnancy under abortion law tied to fetal pain :: The Republic Florida poised to join a trio of other states this year in requiring woman seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound | The Highlander – “Justifiable homicide” bill would permit murder of abortion doctors / US / Politics & Foreign policy – Republicans push ideological budget The few articles below are very interesting. I suggest reading them completely… » Editorial Advisory Board: Ain’t I a taxpayer, too?

A woman’s right to choose is again center stage, and hearings on anti-abortion bills were the opening acts of Washington’s 2011 congressional theater, where a new conservative majority has given the issue top billing. Relying on an expansive reading of “federal funds,” they leverage the federal tax code to advance an aggressive anti-choice political agenda. […] This “not my tax dollars” argument, the fictional foundation of the 1976 Hyde Amendment compromise, should be repudiated for the dangerous fraud it is. Leveraging of taxpayer status is not even arguably supportable, absent a will and a way to trace or segregate taxes paid by “anti-abortion” and “pro-choice” taxpayers. Imagine the mischief that could result were the same revenue tagging strategy employed to protest war, the death penalty, gun ownership or a host of other issues, which, like abortion, reflect a moral divide but are not in themselves illegal activities. Some might argue there is a parallel between denying tax benefits to citizens who make what some consider the “wrong” choices on reproductive rights and denying federal funds to institutions that, for example, discriminate on the basis of race, sex or national origin. In the latter instance, the offending conduct violates constitutionally protected civil rights. In the former, the intent is to discourage a women’s ability to make decisions consistent with a constitutionally protected right. In this regard, the “not my tax dollars” argument is no more defensible than was the poll tax favored by states trying to circumvent the 14th Amendment by creating an obstacle to newly enfranchised black Americans’ access to the voting booth. The strategy also sets a dangerous precedent that could undermine our federal system of support. Should taxpayers be able to opt out of the financial responsibility for roads they don’t drive, the bridges they never cross or the schools they don’t attend? […] By their actions, the sponsors of these bills have indicated a loss of interest in the Hyde compromise — in essence saying all bets are off. In playing the “taxpayer card,” they violated the rules of engagement by shifting strategies from substantive debate to economic intimidation. That reality compels this response. Americans of all shapes, sizes, races, religions and gender hold differing views on moral issues, including abortion. Yet, in throwing his support behind one of the bills, House Speaker John Boehner declared, “[a] ban on taxpayer funding of abortion is the will of the people and ought to be the law of the land.” In fact, the law of the land allows abortion, and the will of some to inhibit the exercise of that constitutional right through the imposition of tax penalties on those who do, and the denial of federal funding to those who provide it, is essentially to deny free access to the right. We respond, as abolitionist and women’s suffragist Sojourner Truth might have: “Mr. Speaker, ain’t we taxpayers too?”

This US bill will hurt the world’s poorest women | Yvonne Singh | Comment is free |

On Tuesday 8 March, the 100th anniversary of international women’s day, more than a thousand activists will be attending a rally on Washington’s Capitol Hill as part of a global round of celebratory activities, demanding a better future for some of the world’s poorest women. With the spotlight placed firmly on women’s rights, it’s ironic that Republicans in the House of Representatives have chosen this moment to push through a resolution (19 February), which will, if it becomes law, have a devastating impact on women’s health and reproductive rights in the developing world, as well as affect some of the poorest and most vulnerable women in the US.

A closer look at tomorrow’s abortion providers

This is the face of the new foot soldier in the battle to maintain access to abortion: the girl next door. Graduating in record numbers from medical schools, young women are increasing the ranks of tomorrow’s abortion providers, bringing the procedure out of the margins and into mainstream medicine – and securing its place within academia’s safe and supportive structure.

I realize we may seem to be a broken record these days, but I think with tomorrow being International Woman’s Day, it just seems appropriate to post our opinions on these anti-women bills. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2011 Be sure to check out our blog tomorrow for some highlights of events around the globe. I will end this on a high note: The Hindu : News : All-woman crew for 13 Air India flights on Women’s Day

To mark International Women’s Day, Air India, for the second consecutive year, is operating on Monday night an ultra long haul flight from Delhi to Toronto, with an all-woman crew. Over the years, Air India has operated many flights, both on international and domestic sectors, with an all-woman crew. Last year, for the first time in the history of civil aviation, Air India operated the ultra long haul flight from Mumbai to New York with an all-woman crew to commemorate the occasion.


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