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"Little Engine That Could" illustrated by Lois Lenski 1893-1974

A few weeks ago, well more than a few weeks ago…a blog that was a refuge to me during the horrible gut wrenching presidential campaign season of 2008, had some inner turmoil. I  even wrote down some thoughts about it for my own therapy. As the weeks past, I have seen a blog that “can” flourish and evolve into something that is truly great. I am very happy to have found a place to read intelligent writing about all sorts topics, and where discussion, agreement, and non-agreement are nurtured and encouraged.  It has given me the opportunity to voice my concerns about some things, make jokes about other stuff, and keep my mind functioning (albeit in limited capacity).

I want to also put this down in writing…a thank you for Dak at  Sky Dancers and Wonk at Let Them Listen. It was a surprise to me that I was put on their blogrolls. My pathetic blog that I write for myself, as therapy or torture…mostly both. It has given me a boost and encouragement to keep on my path to glorified mediocrity. So as I continue to write crap that now, thanks to Dak and Wonk, a few people may actually read…I am very thankful and appreciative.

And on a side note, let me also say that I am grateful to Wonk for reaching out to me during a time when I questioned my own ideals and judgment of racism. Words cannot express the admiration I have for Wonk, and her amazing sense of perceptiveness. I am thrilled that she has become one of those authors of the reasoned and well written word that is found over at the “little blog that could.”


**edited to add this thought: I want to acknowledge the writers over at Sky Dancing, “The Fabulous Five” Dak, BostonBoomer, MABlue, Sima and Wonk the Vote….my hats off to y’all for your time and effort in writing for readers like me.


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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    ** let me acknowledge the writers over at Sky Dancing, “The Fabulous Five” Dak, BostonBoomer, MABlue, Sima and Wonk the Vote….my hats off to y’all for your time and effort in writing for readers like me.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    Wow. Words fail me. What a nice person you are!

  3. NW Luna says:


    I was interested to read that you are a fiber artist. I have been dabbling in this area off and on since as a kid I handwove with string, lavender spikes and ribbon on a loom I made out of sticks scrounged from the creek. Mostly I am awed at how creative and inventive humans, (and probably human females!) have been with fiber arts throughout the ages. It’s fiber engineering, really.

    Well, before I went off on that tangent, what I wanted to say was: Keep on with your blog. Good to read you over at Sky Dancing, and I will be checking in here too.

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      Luna, the thing that really interest me about women and fiber is the way how so many cultures in different parts of the world developed similar ways of weaving complex structures on simple looms. From Peru, to Sweden and Norway, to the Bedouin tribes of Arabia…there is this form of double weave that is woven by the women on very primitive looms. Yet the structure of the weave is pretty much the same. It is amazing to me that women on 3 different continents came up with a engineered woven structure that is so similar to each other.

  4. Sima says:

    Wow, Medieval History! Drool! So cool. I’m dabbling, at best, in that. My partner and I participate in the SCA and I do costuming and various other things, but I’m most interested in researching other aspects of life in the Middle Ages, such as customs, religion, tastes, scents, farming, well, you know :).

    I’m very interested in the fiber arts too. In fact, if I could go back and start over, I’d do Roman textile and fiber studies.

    • Sima says:

      My gravatar went missing! Think it’s because I’m switching over to a gmail account. Anyway, that’s me with the little red dog usually!

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      Sima, I thought you had an interest in Medieval stuff, cause I think your red dog is named Aelianora? Well, Alia Aenor was Eleanor of Aquitaine’s name in French…it was similar. (Eleanor is my favorite personality btw) Roman textile and fiber studies, now that sounds interesting.

      • Sima says:

        Actually I’m Aelianora, in the SCA :). The dog is Jaska, a Finnish name. And Sima is my name for posting online and playing online games, generally.

        In the SCA I’m a Tudor noblewoman, or a Tudor dairymaid, depending on the class I’m playing. It’s fun stuff, lots of camping involved.

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