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The Miracle on Aileen Street

Nano and Nana Christmastime early 1990's

Back when my Grandfather and Grandmother, Nano and Nana, were alive and still living on their own in Tampa my Mother, who lived in Georgia, got a strange phone call. It seemed that Nano developed an enormous pain in his foot. It was excruciating, and he was in a real bad state. So my Mother called a foot doctor, a specialist and made an appointment for him. Now, since this was a specialist, you can imagine the wait for his appointment was over 6 weeks.  So during this whole time, while waiting for that doctor visit, Nano was constantly in pain. His foot hurt all the time and it was unbearable to walk on.  The calls to my Mother during these 6 weeks were continuous. To say that it was difficult for her to hear about Nano and his foot, but also tiring, is putting it mildly. Nana had a way to make anyone feel “the guilt” and since my Mother had recently moved to Georgia, Nana made sure that her jabs were well placed.

It seems that sometime shortly after the foot doctors appointment was made, Nana informed my Mother that Nano was not able to eat like he used to. His upper false teeth had been lost and without them he was stuck eating soft foods. So once again, my Mother contacted their doctor, the dentist this time, and scheduled an appointment to get Nano refitted for a set of uppers.

The weeks passed by agonizingly slow, and finally it was time for my Mother to drive down to Tampa and take Nano to the foot doctor and the dentist. When she got to Aileen Street, the home where she grew up in West Tampa known for fabulous Cuban food, she walked in to find Nano lying down on the loveseat. He was asleep, as he usually was since his stroke some 5 years before, and he laid there with his mouth wide open snoring loudly. After some time getting her things unpacked, Nano woke up and she helped him of the couch and into the kitchen. It was at this time she noticed the cause of both the painful foot and the lost teeth…

Nano and Nana in Sioux City Falls, SD 1942

Inside Nano’s slipper were his upper false teeth, you know the upper ones have the palate as well, so they are about the size of a hockey puck. Obviously, he had fallen asleep on the couch, his mouth wide open and his teeth fell out and ended up inside his slipper. Nano wore those style of slippers called loafers, the ones that were narrow and completely closed around the foot.  So, let me say this again, the man had walked around with his big false teeth stuffed into the toe area of his slipper…of course his damn foot would be in excruciating pain!

When my Mother found the old goat’s teeth in the shoe, and took them out, he was cured. It was amazing. The pain was instantly gone, it was a miracle! Needless to say she cancelled both the foot doctor appointment and the fitting with the dentist as well.


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