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Crocodile Deliverance a Prelude


Crocodile Deliverance


To achieve any greatness in life, one must confer their crocodile deliverances with the utmost skill and try to fool the rest of us. The ability to effectualize sympathy and understanding in the man standing next to you, whether you care if he breathes air or not, is a quality most treasured by those who want to lead. Become an expert in this and you will go far. For there is nothing like genuine indifference to get ahead in life, to demand a following, that of prestige and service.

These words forever linger in his thoughts, for although he was young in age, he was mature in many ways and he could see that idea was true. He made a conscious decision by perfecting the one offering he had to give the world, compassion. For when he became compassionate, his reputation as a concerned reptile reached its zephyr. Other men would die for him; they would follow the Crocodile as he led them into that murky river, pure in his grand scheme. No one would suspect a thing. His tears genuine…his thoughts indifferent.

Keith Sobek, the Crocodile, exhibited an enormous presence of being that most heroic characters own. He had an unmatched charisma and charm, as well as a keen sense of self, his only purpose in life. He would become that which all leaders of men would be, deliverance for the people, and their Messiah.

Sobek was beautiful, in complete alignment and proper scale nothing was out of proportion. His chiseled features pleased both sexes, aided his ability to come across as both compassionate and strong. Strength was his answer to everyone’s weakness, strength in his facade of the singular purpose that was his only concern, to show tenderness and affection while inside was only contempt for the human race. He had an Aryan quality about him. He was fair complexion, with calming blue-green hazel brown eyes. It was as if the color of his irises satisfied everyone he met; for they sparkled in every eye color know to man. Whoever looked deep into the Sobek’s eyes saw his own reflected back.  The physical aspect of these multi-colored eyes only aided and abetted his deception.

The hair was not a flat color blond, it was brilliant, with hues that ranged from warm auburn brown to golden threads that seemed electrified. It gave him an anointed glow. Forever keeping in the classic style, he kept his hair short along the neckline. His curls draped over a confident brow and as he moved so did his curls move with elegance and refinement. He was magnificent.

His practiced and deliberate walk gave him an air of surefooted tranquility.  He knew exactly where he was walking to; each step extended a perfectly formed leg, sinuous and muscular, always achieving that perfect line as he reached his full stride.  Although he moved in harmony, he moved with determination. Those who tread one-step behind him, gravitate toward him. No matter what was unfolding at the seams, his directives served as a hypnotic trance and many followed him completely and happily.

Sobek was not raised in a privileged society; on the contrary, he grew up from average roots. His normal youth seemed yet another means of connecting with his fledglings. He had a childhood like everyone else, so boring and simple, he could relate to the common man, for he was one of them.

As I have stated before, his person was far from ordinary, he was exquisite, and he was absolute. His cunning and wit made him a complete package for nothing less could be expected.  Successful in his “genuine indifference”, he was pleasant to look at.

So now you know about the physical aspects of Sobek, shall we delve into the deep soul of the matter, for Sobek has no soul…there is nothing of value. The reptilian mindset is all that his outer perfection is not. Vile and pitiful it has spread through his being like a cancer. The Crocodile is a wasteland in beautiful skins. Whatever true understanding he once had vanished when he forged a theory that would encompass his life.   His tears are a guise, a tool to attach himself to man and appear caring and kind human being.

Sobek must forever be compassionate, he will sympathize to get what he wants, which is complete control and domination. This is his desire, and only goal. Will he succeed? Yes, for this is where our tale begins. Our Crocodile has delivered his tears, and he has reached his pinnacle. He is president of a world superpower, and out of compassion for man, will stop at nothing and become the one true leader of the human race.


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    “Crocodile Deliverance” is a story I am writing. I’m using WordPress as a way to organize and manage the work. Just wanted to post a bit here…

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