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"I get very passionate about what I think is right."-Hillary Rodham Clinton

These really are true….

Alegre’s Corner:: Has obsession over a primary ever lasted this long?.

Top HRC organizer and fundraiser, Jeff Campagna asks this on FB:

“When in your lifetime can you remember such a large chunk of either political party obsessing over the losing candidate from the previous presidential primary two and a half years after the end of those primaries? Just an observation.”

My response…

It’s never happened before. The reason why is, a huge swath of Democrats do not think the nomination process was legitimate. It could have been, but a transparent, open process might have elected another nominee, so it wasn’t allowed.

Even if the party had followed its own rules and respected voters, we did end up stuck with a nominee who barely won with the help of overwhelming media favoritism and corporate cash, something we don’t respect when it works for the GOP, and something that creates cognitive dissonance among most of the President’s supporters who embraced it.

It wasn’t hard to predict that Obama’s support would have serious structural problems the morning after the Roberts confirmation, when he published the infamous, “Tone, Truth, and the Democratic Party,” in which he explicitly rejected morally contrasting the parties, the very foundation of the only previous recent success when liberals and activists prevented Bush from partially privatizing Social Security.

Obama’s rant was the only time, other than some sharp barbs at Hillary, when Obama seemed to care deeply in what he said. And sure enough, he does care deeply about bipartisanship and compromise. He said so right there in black and white, and a million times since. He is strictly opposed to standing up for what most of us consider to be central principles.

So now, not even a lot of Obama’s early devoted followers are surprised by the economic malaise and political quagmire we find ourselves in.

And consciously or not, people cast wistful, sidelong glances at State, the only dept in the executive branch that’s running smoothly, and ponder what might have been.

And this:

What happens when a country elects a President with no ideology or core values? « Sky Dancing.

We’re seeing what happens. People voted for “the audacity of hope” and “change we can believe in” — empty slogans with no real meaning. Now our country is in desperate straits, and the man who was elected to lead us has no idea what to do. He can’t even work himself up to make an inspiring speech to encourage us to have a little hope for the future.

No shit!

Washington Post as BB points out had this to say:

He lamented his inability to make more headway in creating jobs, conceding that “I do get discouraged.”

“I thought the economy would have gotten better by now,” he said. “One of the things I think you understand as president is you’re held responsible for everything. But you don’t always have control of everything.”

This is ridiculous, the man has had a Democrat Majority…and he does not feel he had control over the steps he took to create jobs? Bullshit, if he did put any effort into creating jobs and dealing with the economy..instead of pushing that crappy HCR on us, which I might add I think was a dig at Hillary and Bill…sort of a “ha ha in your face” immature reaction from The One. (I must say I thought this from the very beginning, though part of me said to myself…nah, he can’t be that much of a “high school” jerk.  I was wrong, Obama is a big “high school” jerk.) I am so sick of this man’s excuses and the thought of 2 more years of this shit has me so depressed.

And then there is this:

Hillary On Hamish And Andy

Ah, the woman that should have been….


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