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Thanksgiving Turkey the Cuban way….

  1. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought I would post a recipe for a Spanish Cuban way of making the Thanksgiving turkey. It also is a great way to get rid of some frustration…

    1 12 pound frozen turkey (I prefer Butterball)
    Salt and Pepper
    1 entire head of garlic (nice fresh and big)
    Fresh oranges
    Fresh limes
    Fresh lemon
    Dry sage
    Dry thyme
    1 can chicken broth (I prefer Swanson’s)

    Take the turkey and defrost it. Then the night before you cook the turkey make the marinade.

    Salt and pepper the bird inside and out.

    Get the cloves of garlic and peel them. I use the bottom of a flat, strong mug to pound them, then I remove the peel. Slice the clove in half. Do this for the entire head of garlic. Then get yourself a big sharp knife. (This is the part my son loves.) Start to stab the bird all over the breast, legs and thighs. You want to stick the pieces of garlic into the holes you just made in the bird. (What happens is the garlic will roast when you cook the turkey…) I will also stick a few cloves of garlic inside the bird’s cavity. Now put the bird in the roasting pan.

    Okay, now squeeze the oranges, lemons and limes, this is making a sour orange juice, if you have access to fresh sour oranges, then please use that. Squeeze equal parts of the juice to get a full cup. Then pour this all over the bird.

    Take the dry sage and thyme and rub this all over breast and legs, be sure to get it into the stabbed parts as well. I do not put a whole lot of sage and thyme on the bird because I do not like it when there is too much herb.

    Cover with aluminum foil and put this in the fridge. When you are ready to cook take it out and pour in the whole can of chicken broth. Do not pour this over the bird, just pour it directly into the roasting pan. Then recover with the foil, make sure you put the foil tight around the pan.

    Stick this bird in a preheated 425 oven for 15 minutes. Then lower the temp to 325. After one hour of cooking at 325, start to baste the bird every 15 to 20 minutes. Keep the cover of foil on the bird…and cook until the turkey is done…whatever the time required. About 30 minutes prior to when the bird is done, take off the foil and brown the top of the bird.

    Take it out and flip the bird over, so the breast is facing down in the juices. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes.

    Usually the turkey is falling apart by the time this is all done, so to serve it I will slice it up thin and put it in a serving dish. Keep the juices that are in the roasting pan and strain it. I will use this as it is like gravy, but for those who like the usual kind of gravy…just get some in a jar.

    The garlic will roast up slow and have a real good flavor that seeps into the bird.

    I hope you enjoy it, it really comes out good and everyone who tries it wants me to give them the recipe.



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