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I can take it….I was a regular poster on the Etsy fora…

Well, I wanted to write some of my thoughts about the connection between Confederacy of Dunces and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?…but I have been distracted. Say what you will about the internet, it has definitely gotten people together in ways I thought would never be possible. (Seeing as I am a coming from a Medieval History background.) I think that the lack of facial connections and body language that many use to pick up on people’s feelings when they talk to each other is so lost when we interact online. It is almost as if everyone that interacts online experiences an Autism of sorts…in that they are unable to genuinely comprehend the tone or character of someone’s post…that there is a disconnect there…an inability to grasp at the emotional content.

That said, I do feel that I have grown thick-skinned over the last few years. Since I started becoming active in online community during the Clinton primary of 2008. Hell, I was a regular poster over on the Etsy fora, and believe me I have had my share of bullying from the fold. (Speaking of bullies, feral cat definitely comes to my mind…) You have to put up with a lot of shit over at Etsy and Artfire (those handcrafted/artisan sites) because everyone is so damn opinionated. Well, you can say that about any online community really. I stood my own over at Etsy, hell I did not get the EtsyBitch Award for Valor for telling the Etsy admin “Fuck you” for nothing….

So, as it is, believe me…I am in no way going to go through that whole thing of picking sides and bucking for any one particular person or blog. (Even if my “spirit animal” is a wolf, who protects its pack to the very end.) All this frustration from the thing called life is just exhausting. Well that is my rant for today….I feel better now.


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