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Notes on last night | JohnWSmart.

More than 2008, much more in fact, last night was a ‘change’ election. The Democratic Party is is deep trouble, not yet fatal, but the failure of the Obama Democrats is nearly complete. That is change.

As I’ve written around here a number of times the 2006 and 2008 elections were reactions to an unpopular President. There was no true realignment. The leadership chosen by the newly ascendant dems in the House came from liberal districts that did not reflect the bulk of the nation. These people were then led for the last 2 years by an effete, disconnected, smug president. In the only way they could voters rejected whoever they could who was connected in any way to Obama. Many of them moderates.

Two things are important to remember here for Dems: The Democrats left in DC will be more liberal. Until and unless the Democrats can get back the voters Donna Brazile claimed “they did not need” in 2008, they will be in the minority. Do they have to give up their liberalism? I don’t think so – but they will. They do have to give up the exhausted talking points of identity politics.

Moderate Dems are going home. I suspect many older Dems who won will exit shortly. The entire culture of the Democratic party in the House and in state houses has been eviscerated. It’s over. New blood is a must.

The Democrats misread 2008 badly. Very badly. You can hoodwink working and middle class voters once. You cannot do it twice. The Democrats must return to being the party of Truman and reject being the party of David Geffen, Jesse Jackson, The Hamptons, Marin County, and dated, tired, overworked societal resentments. Or they are dead. Independents and “Reagan Democrats” win elections. Period. In 2008 the Dean wing of the Democratic party thought they won a mandate. They were dead wrong.

What is DEAD forever – and Obama, by winning, killed it – is the era of racial nonsense as a power tactic from the Left. Hispanics won, women won, an Indian-American won…nearly all of them Republicans. The party of minorities had better look at that fact – and look closely. It turns out white Independents are perfectly happy to vote for minorities and women. They are not willing to support a party that shames and blames and calls it’s failures successes.

The tea party won some and lost some. But note this: They are the important force in this election. Period. By choosing to join the GOP and not “going rogue” they remade it. The ghost of Bush is vanquished. Unless they disintegrate into right wing social issue nonsense they will remain a force.

Democrats need new leadership in the House.

Tom In Paine: Pelosi and the DNC got what they deserved, the country didn’t.

In 2008 Nancy Pelosi helped to corrupt the Democratic primary process along with other higher ups in the DNC by forcing Barrack Obama down the throats of the majority of Democrats who voted against him as the Democratic presidential candidate.

What her motives were no one but Pelosi and those around her really knows, but speculation is that she wanted to be the Democratic party’s Queen Bee, something that would have never been possible had Hillary Clinton been elected.

Her other motivation might have been the same malady that infects and has infected so many Democrats for at least the last 15 years — they are afraid of Republicans and they are afraid to lose and they act accordingly. But there is no doubt about one thing. The majority the Democrats won back in 2006 and increased in 2008 was lost for only one reason — Barrack Obama and his inept, duplicitous and deceitful presidency that reneged on most things that was promised. And it can all be traced back to the deceitful way Obama’s nomination was engineered.

Pelosi and Howard Dean for that matter were so needlessly and foolishly afraid that a contentious but honest and open Democratic national convention to choose a presidential nominee would somehow weaken the Democrats chances of winning the White House that for a period of time, they tried, hoped and applied pressure to get Hillary Clinton to take her name off the ballot at the convention, in spite of the fact that neither Clinton nor Obama had won the pre-requisite 2/3 majority of delegates needed to win the nomination. And the fact that Clinton had won the popular vote and had landslided Obama in 13 of the 15 biggest states in the country.

Their disdain for the majority of Democratic voters, more than 18 million has now, thanks to Obama’s predictably dismal performance, come back to haunt them and has cost them the House of Representatives.

In trying to force Obama;s nomination, they had in their arsenal a bevy of politically corrupt journalists, not the least of which was Jonathan Alter of Newsweek who tried in his articles, to elbow Clinton out of the race, writing pieces saying Clinton should quit, that the math was against her in spite of the fact that Clinton hadn’t just won, but landslided Obama in every big state in the country except for Illinois and Texas which she still won. And showing that math isn’t Alter’s game either, in the end the math showed that far from Obama being a certain winner, neither candidate had won the prerequisite number of delegates during the primaries with Clinton finishing only 63 delegates behind Obama. It should be noted that it was only the Democratic party’s apportionment system that even made it that close. Had the Democrats chosen a nominee the same way the country elects a president, Clinton would have beaten Obama by more than 1,000 delegates. And Obama’s 63 delegate margin could be directly traced to the Democrats arcane caucus system.

But even before then the DNC corrupted the system with its shameful and blatantly corrupt handling of the Florida and Michigan fiasco. In both states, Clinton didn’t just win but landslided Obama in the primaries. The idea that Obama’s name wasn’t on the ballot in Michigan was as false a contention as there was. Michigan was another example of Obama’s double dealing and anyone who wants to look into what really happened in Michigan and how Obama insured that anyone in Michigan who wanted to vote for him knew what button to push can easily look it up and find out for themselves.

But the bigger point is how the DNC and Obama himself while preaching that “every voice must be heard” did all he could to silence the voices of the voters of Florida and Michigan because he didn’t like what they had to say. And neither did Pelosi or the DNC. The elections were fair and the results valid. That the DNC was willing to punish 1,600,000 Democratic voters who did nothing wrong ( except vote against the DNC’s preferred candidate) instead of punishing the 4 or 5 people including the governor of Michigan who were responsible for changing the date of their primaries, is perhaps one of the darkest chapters and one of the greatest stains the Democratic party will ever carry. And with the press happily corrupt and in Obama’s pocket, they were all too glad to publicly dismiss the results of those primaries and not count the delegates Clinton won fairly and squarely in burying Obama in both elections. This added to and created a bogus lead in Obama’s delegate count further fueling the expectation game that Obama would be the nominee. But it didn’t work out that way. And neither candidate finished with enough delegates to secure the nomination.

The process, according to Democratic party rules, was then supposed to be turned over to super delegates who would be charged with casting votes to give the nomination to one candidate or the other. Pelosi tried to corrupt that process too, by making public statements to the affect that super delegates were bound to cast their votes according to which candidate won the most delegates during the primary.

That obviously was preposterous and absurd since if that was the case there would be no need to have any super delegates at all since the Democratic party could simply have changed their rules making the nominee whoever won the most delegates period. Either Pelosi was incredibly ignorant of the Democratic Party’s own rules or she was sending a public message to super delegates to vote for Obama. But what made it even more insidious and corrupt was that by making that statement publicly, a statement no one in the DNC had the integrity to step forward and say was incorrect, Pelosi was adding more public expectation that Obama would be the nominee since most people had no idea what the Democratic Party’s nomination rules were.

Creating the expectation that Obama would win created another problem : had Obama not won the nomination, the threats circulating on the convention floor, spread by Obama supporters was that it would inflame the majority of African American voters, creating the false belief that racism and Clintonian double dealing played a part when, ironically, it was double dealing on the part of Obama and the DNC that in fact gave Obama the nomination. Nevertheless by creating these expectations based on a dishonest presentation of the role of super delegates, the DNC ran the risk of alienating African Americans in the general election if Obama was not the nominee.

But even this wasn’t enough for Pelosi and the upper echelons of the DNC. In a poll taken by Politico,com two days before the first roll call vote, more than 200 of the 400+ super delegates who had publicly declared for Obama in June after Pelosi had horse whipped them into making a public commitment ( which wasn’t even binding) two months before they had to, were now deserting Obama and telling Politico they were “undecided”.

With those already committed to Clinton if the 200 former Obama super delegates now claiming to be undecided cast their votes with Clinton she would have been the nominee. If half switched to Clinton it would have gone to a second ballot where the momentum would have been on Clinton’s side.

So Pelosi and the DNC took the next step of trying to head off a super delegate vote which would have made Clinton the nominee, by breaking the Democratic party’s own rules, and pressuring Clinton delegates to switch their votes to Obama on the first ballot.

Democratic Party rules as stated in the 2008 Call to the Convention clearly states that delegates elected as per the results of primary voting, are required to vote for the candidate they were elected to vote for. Only if there was no nominee after a first ballot could the horse trading begin and delegates were free to switch their votes. In 1932 it took four ballots to nominate FDR.

But Pelosi and the DNC would have none of an open convention. Clinton delegates were not only being pressured,there were stories of Clinton delegates threatened with being stripped of their credentials if they didn’t switch their votes to Obama.

So, doing what Democrats seem to do best politically, act like they are afraid to lose, and with Pelosi being motivated by wanting to be the Democratic Party diva, they rigged the roll call vote, forcing many Clinton delegates to change their votes to Obama and virtually forced Clinton to go along with it. The California delegation, it should be noted, refused to go along with the charade and word was relayed to me at the time by someone who claimed to have first hand knowledge, that Gloria Allred who was either leading the California delegates or was simply a delegate herself, got into a shouting match with a representative from the DNC who was trying to pressure the California delegation, a state where Clinton had beaten Obama in a landslide, into going along with the program.They refused. So when the roll was called California was skipped.

Now two years later, the Democrats have lost control of the House mostly because of Obama, his ineffective and dishonest presidency, and largely because Obama sold out the public option on health care.

Whether Democrats will understand that message or not remains to be seen but there is a good bet they wont. The public option was the single most important piece of legislation since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and in a June 2009 poll 72% said they wanted it. As recently as February 2010, 58% said they wanted the public option. But Obama didn’t have the backbone,courage or conviction to see it through even though the votes were there in the House and Senate to pass it. Obama was pathetic in challenging Republican lies about it and proved that in terms of the powers of persuasion, he couldn’t sell a hand warmer to an Eskimo and the country is worse off for his having sold the public option, and with it, his Democratic base down the river.

Beyond that Obama had proved in over 13 years in the Illinois State senate and the US senate that he was a do nothing par excellence. He accomplished nothing in those years – zero – and set a record by voting “present” more than 100 times so he didn’t have to vote for or against anything. He continued his non accomplishment in his first two years in office, highlighted by his selling out on the public option and a stimulus that was far too small to do anything about unemployment and a financial reform bill that was tepid. He also showed, as did other Democrats that they are anemic when it comes to articulating a cogent message. But having to articulate a message wouldn’t have been necessary had Obama not betrayed the people who voted for him and actually accomplished something. He didnt.

On Tuesday, they paid Obama and Nancy Pelosi back. And now the House of Representatives is back in the hands of the people who caused all the problems in the first place. And the DNC has no one to blame but themselves.

Wednesday Reads « Sky Dancing.

On a personal note, I’d like to mention that Skydancing is evolving. Two weeks ago, I looked at this as nothing more than my file cabinet. It’s now becoming a real team effort and a real community effort. The bounty of community is something I respect, appreciate, and cherish. No matter the differences or distances, there is always something we can learn from each other. Thank you for your support, your voice, and your friendship. I wish BostonBoomer and her mom a safe trip to Indiana and I look forward to a valued voice from a respected happy friend. She has challenged me to stand up for what I believe in during times when going along seemed the easy path. She’s one strong woman and she has a voice of wisdom. When she speaks, I listen. I am so pleased that she will continue to share her voice wiith all of us. She’s got mad research skills and I’m anxiously waiting to learn more from her.

(Also, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate all the tips and I’m sharing it with BB just so you know. We’ve been a team for awhile and I owe a lot to her guidance. So, after some thought I felt that any donations to skydancing shoud be team donations.)

The Morning After: Who Thrust the GOP into Our House? « Let Them Listen.

What happened last night was not analogous to a natural disaster.

It was not like a tsunami or an earthquake. Those analogies would imply that the Democrats were up against forces beyond their control. That is not what happened last night.

Ever since the Democratic leadership tied their lot in with the biggest DINO of them all (Obama), the Democrats have pursued an incoherent, inadequate, and irresponsible agenda. That agenda was the exhaust flow that pushed the GOP engine forward last night.

Progressive enablers of the DINOstablishment can take their arguments–about the electorate voting against their interests–and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

The electorate did not vote against their interests. They voted against Democrats.

If the GOP was not as morally and intellectually bankrupt as it is, they would have won by an even larger margin.

When the DINOstablishment fails to provide a meaningful alternative to ‘morally and intellectually bankrupt,’ voting for Democrats is not in the electorate’s interest.

The Democrats thrust the GOP back into power. If anyone was up against a tidal wave of voter dissatisfaction beyond their control, it was Russ Feingold and Joe Sestak.

Also, Chet Edwards in TX-22, who after 20 years in Congress was upset by GOPer Bill Flores, and Ciro Rodriguez in TX-23, who after 11 years in the House has lost his seat to Republican Francisco Canseco.

Most Democrats, however, deserved to lose.

The electorate performed chemo on a Congress suffering from cancer and got rid of the decent ones with the bad ones. Unfortunately, the chemo failed to get rid of the one incumbent that was most responsible for the hits the Democrats took last night–Mr. Harry Reid.

Two years ago, in May of 2008, GOPer Tom Davis put out a memo that said:

“the Republican brand is in the trash can…if we were dog food, they would take us off the shelf.”

The Republican brand is still massively unpopular — the Democrats simply decided to join the Republicans in the trash can, a truth underscored straight off the bat last night by the early exit polling(via CNN):

Democrats have a 10-point favorability gap: 43 percent of voters have a positive opinion of the party, while 53 percent aren’t thrilled. The Republican Party also gets a thumbs-down from 53 percent of the nation’s voters, with just 41 percent saying they’re happy with the GOP.

From a post I wrote on August 28, 2010:

Pelosi didn’t understand how to leverage her own power. 

Pelosi did all the heavylifting muscling for that historic healthcare horror show and now Reid and Obama might just skate by while Pelosi is the one who stands the most immediate chance of getting hung out to dry. That is what you get for hitching your wagon to the Obama star, Pelosi.

And, from one I wrote just last week:

All of Washington–both parties–are in the political doghousewith President Obama. He is not the only one we are ‘talking about this way,’ ahem! We-the-people are deeply dissatisfied with the DINOs and the GOP. And, Republicans taking the House gives our self-proclaimed moral president no mandate to carry out the Red Doggy Biscuit policies. So when Obama tries to further undo the social safety net that the FDR/LBJ legacy had established, citing a Republican Congress as his handy woe-is-a-DINO excuse, it won’t just be the GOP that has to answer for it in 2012. The buck stops with Obama. He will have to answer for it, too.

On the bright side of the very dark and ugly side… just as the electorate’s chemo treatment inadvertently got rid of the good with the bad, so too did the Democrat’s thrusting of the GOP into power manage to do some good in the process, albeit at the symbolic level:

Governor-elect Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley will be the first woman governor of South Carolina and the first Indian American woman to become governor of any state.

Governor-elect Susana Martinez of New Mexico will be the first Latina governor.

So history was made, in a few good ways like above.

And, also in bad ways… like this (via CBS):

There is one African-American in the current Senate: Illinois Sen. Roland Burris, who was appointed to fill out the rest of Barack Obama’s term after he was elected president.

In the new Senate there will be zero.

Beyond the symbolic level, a lot of bad history was made (via Bloomberg):

“Nine-point-six percent unemployment is the worst in a midterm since 1982,” said Gary Jacobson, a political science professor at the University of California at San Diego.

Instead of focusing on jobs, the Democratic leadership focused on securing the “historic” narrative for the legacy of Barack Obama by means of a healthcare policy that only his 20-something percenters and media sycophants like.

As a result, this horrible piece of history was written last night (via Politico):

Speaker-in-waiting John Boehner, who presided over a Republican gain of at least 60 seats — the largest victory for either party since 1938

The Politics of No Place Else to Go Has Come Home to Roost.

The Ds and Rs are both in power now, and both will be held accountable at the ballot box when we get to vote again.

The 2012 election cycle starts now. T-minus 2 years.

Who will our divided government in DC thrust into power next?

Wednesday News « The Confluence.


So apparently we had a little election yesterday. Let’s recap the story so far. We had this lovely hopeful Democratic party ready to put the Bush years behind them, roll up their sleeves, and get to work fixing the damage. Much the same way the Clinton’s did in the 90′s. But along the way, a complete unknown with no experience, and no real drive to do anything substantive, including bothering to vote for important policies, who had more funding than all of the well known candidates combined, from wall street, banks, and insurance companies funnily enough, made his way through the primaries, making a pathetic disaster of every debate by losing every one in the worst way, and got selected in a smoke filled back room, without even a roll call vote. Along the way, the base of the party who actually elected another candidate were told to suck it up or leave. Preferably leave. And of course, as most any candidate that wasn’t Bush would do, this guy became President. Then over the next two years he proceeded to do exactly the kinds of things he did in his previous career. Play golf, party, get others to do his work for him, and do pretty much what his backers wanted. Mostly he just golfed and really didn’t give a damn. Apparently, many of the “little people” expected a bit more out of him. Silly little people. And so, they got angry. They still hate the party of Bush, make no mistake about it, but now they hate this new group just as much, and yesterday they sent a little message.

For a good look at the races across the country, the NYT has great interactive maps. The main ones to look at are those for SenateHouse, and Governor races. As you can see from those maps, especially the House map, we have a proverbial bloodbath. Especially important for 2012 is the Governor results. Notice that the important battleground states of PA, OH, and FL now have Republican governors. That will become more important for the next cycle because of get out the vote efforts, redistricting, among others.

CBS has an interesting article on why Democrats lost:

Core Democratic groups stayed away in droves Tuesday, costing Democratic House candidates dearly at the polls.

Hispanics, African Americans, union members and young people were among the many core Democratic groups that turned out in large numbers in the 2008 elections, propelling Mr. Obama and Democratic House candidates to sizable victories. In 2010, turnout among these groups dropped off substantially, even below their previous midterm levels.

Voters under the age of 30 comprised 18 percent of the electorate in 2008 and nearly 13 percent in 2006 but only made up 11 percent of the electorate in 2010. The share of voters from union households dropped from 23 percent in 2006 and 21 percent in 2008 to 17 percent in 2010. African Americans made up 13 percent of the electorate in 2008 but fell to 10 percent in 2010. Such apathy likely cost the Democrats House seats as voters in each of these groups cast ballots for Democratic House candidates by at least 15 point margins.


Mr. Obama proved to be a major liability in the 2010 election. Fifty-five percent of voters disapproved of the way the president is handling his job, including 58 percent of independents. Of those who disapproved of Obama, 86 percent voted for a Republican House candidate. Even more to the point, 37 percent of voters overall, as well as 37 percent of independents, claimed a reason for their House vote was to express opposition to Mr. Obama.

Voters were no happier with the Democratic-controlled Congress. A whopping 72 percent of voters disapproved of the way Congress is handling its job, including majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents. Of those who evaluated Congress negatively, 64 percent preferred a Republican House candidate to a Democratic House candidate in their local race.

It does go on to talk about the mixed message that the voters don’t really like Republican’s either.

After the resounding defeat, Obama gave a call to John Boehner, soon to be the new speaker of the House, to congratulate him:

He phoned the presumptive next House speaker, John Boehner, to offer congratulations. Boehner says the two agreed to work together, even though Republicans have vowed to turn back much of Obama’s agenda.

The Ohio Republican says they talked about working together on the priorities of the American people, and Boehner says he defined those priorities as cutting spending and creating jobs.

Hey, create jobs. Now there’s an idea. Too bad no one thought of that before.

Now brush yourself off, because today begins the Presidential campaign season for 2012.

We’ll keep this short since there is still a lot happening in a few last races, and we’ll update as we learn more, and as others do the inevitable blaming of the Clinton’s or pretending it’s not such a big deal after all. You know they will.





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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    Dear Barack Obama: Word Salads Aren’t Enough | Taylor Marsh – – News, Opinion and Weblog on Progressive Politics.

    one more:

    Republicans and the Tea Party energy won more House seats than at any time since 1948. Congratulations Pres. Obama, two years after a historic presidential win your coalition has been trashed.
    Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Democratic legislators, and Obama loyalists thought they could pass health care legislation by throwing the American people into a corporate monopoly system against their will, while using seniors’ money to pay for it, sacrificing women, while lying to the people that it wouldn’t cost more, as you push so called “benefits” off into the future. In fact, Obama and his loyalists actually thought they’d even get rewarded. The political malpractice is epic.
    Today Pres. Obama will come out and say something to the effect that “we get the message,” people don’t want obstruction or partisanship they want us to work together. The man is clueless. Following tested partisan and Democratic principles going back to F.D.R. might have saved some of last night. But Obama’s Monty Hall, “let’s make a corporate deal,” screw the policy principles mentality was always doomed to take Dems down. It was just a matter of waiting for the moment to manifest.
    What voters want is for their lives to get better or at the very least to believe that the people in charge making policies understand their plight and know what they’re doing. Pres. Obama does not and, unfortunately, too many elected Dems thought their job was to walk in lock-step with a president who couldn’t find a democratic policy answer with F.D.R.’s road map.
    Obama and Pelosi passed an abominable piece of health care legislation, and got their heads handed to tehm because of their collusion with big insurance, big Phrma, with the backdrop of Wall Street coddling growing larger by the day. People seeing corporations and banks being bailed out as they were left with the bill at a time when they couldn’t pay their own compounded the problem.
    Unfortunately, lots of other Democrats got wiped out too, with 15 state legislators going Republican.
    Seniors 65 and older want “Obamacare” repealed by 58%, with the national average for repeal 48%. Guess why? Democrats actually thought that if they took away the most reliable voters’ most coveted entitlement they’d reward them with votes. When $500 million comes out of Medicare to pay for health care for others you’re going to hear from those voters.
    This was foreshadowed, but Mr. Obama and the Democrats just kept on making deals with corporations, drug makers, hedge funders, car makers, banks, and everyone else, thinking that they were still living in 2008 and anything Obama will do will be accepted. His loyalists kept clapping.
    On top of this is the optics of ducking a middle class tax fight. Ignoring a chance to impose a foreclosure moratorium, which directly impacts people’s bottom line. With the basic message from Obama and Democrats being they won’t fight to make the lives of Americans better, because playing it safe to save themselves is their goal.
    Refusing to fight, even if you might fail, for people who need an economic champion, something Democrats have always been for people, gets you what you deserve.

    Say what you will about the Tea Party, in all of their disparate groupings and unaffiliated relating elements, but they were willing to go down fighting for what they believe in and fighting against what they thought was wrong.
    All the while the message was being sent the Obama White House laughed at them, the left derided them through the help of their cable enablers, which because of their Sarah Palin – Tea Party derangement still won’t admit it, with many of the progressive drivers missing by a mile what was building.
    With Sarah Palin as their celebrity media spokesperson, whether each Tea Party person liked her or not, a loosely tethered group of disaffected people got national attention, helped by right-wing radio and Fox, then on Election Day joined together in separate voting booths across this country to say Pres. Obama, you blew it, and so did the guys helping you do it.
    The election results of 2010 are a result of Mr. Obama’s philosophy of cutting a deal for the sake of an “accomplishment” and in order to further your own political marketing. This craven self-serving political egotism means political catastrophe if what you’re doing doesn’t actually make the lives of people better or at the very least doesn’t make them feel as if you’re making it worse.
    Pres. Obama’s cheerleading word salads are a thing of 2008. So far what Americans have witnessed and experienced through their own lives is the realization that this is all he’s got.
    It’s the third turn out the bums election in as many cycles. It’s going to happen again in 2012 and if Pres. Obama doesn’t get his act together he will be turned out too.

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