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If you live in Georgia, NOTA is just SOL

In my state, Georgia, you can’t even write in someone you choose to vote for…cause it will not even be counted. Unless they were “qualified” by the SOS. And any candidates that ran during the primaries, and lost, are SOL.

These disgruntled voters say if they go to the polls, they will write in the name of another candidate — someone like Karen Handel, or Thurbert Baker, or maybe one of the other candidates who were defeated in the July Democratic and Republican primaries for governor.

But hear this:

If you write in the name of a candidate who ran for governor and was defeated, your write-in vote will not be counted. Why? Because that’s how Georgia’s law is written regarding write-in candidates.

The law says only qualified write-in candidates can have their votes counted, and candidates who have run for the office in the primary and lost are not eligible to be a qualified write-in candidates.

To be a qualified write-in candidate only requires sending a notice to the Secretary of State’s Office and running a legal ad in a newspaper. Only two write-in candidates bothered to meet the criteria. The two qualified write-in candidates for governor are David C. Byrne of Kennesaw and Neal Horsley of Carrollton. Their names will not be on the ballot, but they are the only two names you can write in and have their votes counted.

So even a write in of NOTA is wasted…that means that if I wrote in NOTA, it would not even be counted…which I would have loved to see exactly how many NOTAs were cast. It is all too discouraging. My plan is to sit this one out and then work on the next one in 2012. What else can I do. The thought of voting for any of the bums on my ballot makes me want to puke. I am staying home. I have no one decent or worthy of my vote…and I cannot even write in someone who is worthy.

So yet again this disenchanted voter has no real choice in the matter with regards to her vote. I can not even get the satisfaction of writing in Bozo the Clown. Which in my particular case, all on the ballot are clowns anyway. I can’t even vote for a woman candidate, cause there is none. I guess I am pissed off, and do not want to hear anyone tell me that it is my civic duty to my fellow citizens to vote. Why should I vote for the assholes that were placed on that ballot for me? Cause here in good ol’ Georgia, I cannot write in who I really wanted on that ballot….cause it doesn’t make a difference. I am just another Dem in Exile that is screwed over once again. Fuck it all…


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  1. this is late, but I hear ya!

    I can’t even vote for a woman candidate, cause there is none.

    That made me so sad to read.

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