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Obama: koran burning helps Al Quaeda – yes, but… (via Not Your Sweetie)

This is so damn true. I really think that all this is something…so Obama calls on Freedom of Religion and says “screw you” to tolerance and sensitivity when it comes to building the GMZ, but when some nut is planning a bonfire…don’t even cite Freedom of Free Speech (Which is something that is so damn important to point out.) This is disturbing to me. All these calls for this idiot to not burn the Koran, but building the GMZ on hallowed ground is an American right. Well, so is book burnings…it is a fundamental right to Free Speech. This Koran burning church is wrong on so many levels, but damn, it is their right to burn if they want to. The argument is the same with the Ground Zero Mosque. Yes, it is their right to build it so close to Ground Zero, but they should not because it is also wrong on so many levels.

Obama: koran burning helps Al Quaeda - yes, but... I saw in B0botland a comment to this that it’s so good, I’ll just reproduce it in all entirety – as more people need to ponder it 3. Sadly, he failed to send a message to the “retaliators” Edited on Thu Sep-09-10 07:56 AM by Bragi It is regrettable that the President made this statement without apparently even acknowledging that Jones’ right to free speech means that he cannot be stopped from expressing his idiotic religious views and publicly in … Read More

via Not Your Sweetie


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