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There’s Something about Sarah (via The Confluence)

There's Something about Sarah

I haven’t spent a lot of time reading the Journolist leaks.  For some reason, today, I took a look.  Maybe it was because the one thing I really want to see is if there was any coordination between these folks and the Obama campaign. The first link I got to indicated there really didn’t seem to be any in the entries released to date.  So, I was over there and I found the release of the raw conversations on the list about Sarah Palin and Baby Trig … Read More

via The Confluence

Had to link this…I honestly do not understand how the people on this list have not all been fired, tarred and feathered, and lobed out of the highest window, of the tallest tower, built of the bovine feces that these “professionals” write to each other…


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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    Whether a woman chooses to keep or abort a disabled fetus is her own private decision. I am the kind of person to support whatever that decision may be…and respect that the choice is personal…don’t analyse the decision or berate the choice that is made. Be supportive.
    The bottom line is that this was even a topic of discussion for these “professionals” to begin with. As more of these Journalist emails come out, I am disgusted and angry. It only affirms my opinion of these “Human Beings, ” using one of the expressions from Sara Mead. That these “professionals” used their influence and standing in the community/media to push their own agenda (and succeed mind you) just pisses me off even more. I know that I am just one person, and my anger will be drowned out by all the oblivious supporters of these Journolisters. It is a sad fact that I have become used to being trampled by these sort of people…and know that there is nothing I can do to fix it.

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