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Area 52: This week in politics. I have to post the whole thing…cause it is so good…

I want to avoid talking about race again tonight but not enough to say this: I loath everyone involved with the Sherrod affair (I’ll avoid attaching “gate”) except Sherrod, who I was less and less enamored with as the week wore on. The one guiding principle I can decipher from the Sherrod mess is that honor is in very short supply in this country. The buck stops with no one. I don’t know who is grossest – the Brietbart hit squad, the Obama plunge protection team or the frothing deviants on the Left. It all adds up to one sick society.

As for the week in politics. It is as depressing as the above nonsense. Witnessing the two parties go after each other is like watching the worst teams in a football conference playing for last place. All the players are talentless, unskilled, inept, and down right scary – someone is going to get injured. Democrats need to yank Pelosi off the field. Why she keeps saying unemployment benefits create jobs is anyone’s guess. It appears to be some sort of aphasia. Reid is lame. I’d call him a lame duck, but see no reason to insult water fowl, who’ve done me no harm. Poor Nevada is stuck with the worst election choice in living memory. And there have been some very bad choices in the previous 80 odd years. The Dems star quarterback, Barry, is still a star only in his own mind. He keeps completing passes, losing yardage, and yelping “Look I competed a pass! It’s unprecedented!” The Dems should all thank God everyday that Sarah Palin keeps tweeting. Otherwise their faithful might notice how pathetic they are.

As for our lovely opposition party…honesty…at this point who cares? The GOP is the other choice??? Really??? It is currently a party lead by visionless hacks, trying to subsume a group of people with a limited vision that, if examined – and not merely labeled ‘racist’ – would send millions running. Whatever my problems with the Tea Party are – at least they are sayingsomething worth considering. They do, in fact, present debating points that have to do with people and not merely whatever lobby has the most dough in D.C. this week. I do give certain Republican leaders credit for being in the arena. Whatever one thinks of Jan Brewer, she has put her cards on the table. (Her twin on the other side is probably Russ Feingold, who actually demonstrated some backbone by voting no of the Wall Street wrist slap.) The overstuffed clown car that is Washington, D.C. lurches on.

I can’t think of another political period in our lives which felt more hopeless. (Irony abounds. We were told this would be a period of hope after all.) The one good reason I can think of to vote Republican this fall is subpoena power. It seems petty, but it isn’t. What they’ll dig up needs exposing. You know it, I know it. Nibbling around the edges of caucus fraud and the Blago trial won’t correct the current error. I’d like a few other topics surrounding Obama’s unexamined assent brought front and center, even if the dusty GOP has to do it. But there is no reason whatsoever to think that Speaker Boehner will usher in a new era of honor and responsibility. For a brief moment the GOP will pretend they are different, and for the same interlude we’ll pretend the government might actually function. Then the moment will pass.

The week also gave us near total proof that we have entered our Soviet stage with the media. Left wing journalists have been outed as the biased goons they obviously were in 2008. One wonders what they’ll do when a snappy black guy isn’t around to suck up to anymore. I’m sure another elegant fraud will arrive on the scene just in time. Conservative media talkers are crowing now about the Journolist, but most sentient beings have not forgotten the gargantuan lies of the pre-Iraq invasion period. Then the media neglected their jobs for a different party, called themselves out on it for a newscycle, then went back to pulling the usual nonsense.

The most alarming aspect of the destruction of the fourth estate is that many within it don’t even seem to know they are gleefully playing “screw the truth”. Some do to be sure. But most are unaware of the intellectual limits they’ve willingly subjected themselves to. With these limits in place they are, by default, lying all the time. The alternative universe they dwell in makes it impossible to see the truth as anything other than an absurd annoyance. They pretend to tell the truth, we pretend the ‘truth’ they are telling has something to do with our contracting lives.

The main story in every story now is how the story is being played on TV and the Internet. It’s astounding how quickly news events become stories about how stories are told. This is the natural result of an unwillingness to actually report, an unwillingness to view facts as anything but ancillary. Where is the journalism about the oil gusher? The MSM hasn’t produced any. There is some minor reporting about how hard it’s been made to report the story…then we are back to B.P. stock prices, some dead animals, and a web cam controlled by B.P. We are not quite to the Soviet population’s logically arrived at stance that the media an outright joke. But we’re close.

So politics…right…That’s what this post was too be about. The GOP will have a good election, the Dems will have a bad one. The chatterboxes on MSNBC and Fox News will slant a bunch of talking points we already know in hopes it will get us worked up for whichever clowns we’re inclined to prefer. The end.

Okay, I am off to create or save 6 million jobs…in my imagination…then decide what food in my fridge might indicate latent racism on my part (I never buy white bread!!!)…Finally, I have big plans to make sure my living room reflects sufficient diversity. (Should I replace the Dodger bobble heads with Kachina dolls?!? Decisions, decisions!) Gotta go, busy night ahead!

I am just reading a book on Economics, so saving this for later…Keynes…I think this has something to do with Keynesian? I don’t know…but I am really trying to understand all of this stuff.

Matthews: Will Democrats Run Away From President O-Carter…Er, Obama?

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Will the Democrats running for the House re-election, they’re all running for re-election under the Constitution, and the Senate candidates, will they run away from President O’Carter? I mean, will they run away.

[Laughter and crosstalk]

JOHN HEILEMANN, NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Calling Dr. Freud, calling Dr. Freud.

MATTHEWS: I know. Will they run away from President Obama?

Nice, Chris. When deep down in your subconscious, you know that Obama is this decade’s version of Jimmy Carter, that’s saying something.  Read more:

Anyway, there was a few more I found interesting, but bad weather is a coming…and I must get off this thing…Ha, I said get off.


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