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She was a woman…stupid

So something like the Sherrod story splashes across the headlines, the damage control police start ringing their alarm bells, and before there is even reasonable time for facts to be determined and weighed, rash action is launched. (As an aside, notice how quickly Washington can move when political image is at stake instead of, oh say, jobs or the Gulf of Mexico.)

Yes, so the “bobama” admin was quick to move and act on the firing of a woman accused of a racist remark, wrongly accused that is! Yes, Tom Foreman is right to make this connection. But I have an answer about why the axe was so quick to fall on Sherrod…it is simple, she was a woman…stupid! If anything, this administration has proven that it is always ready to hack off the female members of its person. Think about it.

Elizabeth Warren is also a recent hack job from the illustrious group of women that the Obama peeps seem to so easily dismiss.

Nancy Killefer is another woman who made a quick exit from the scene. So she had a tax lien for $946.69 for failing to pay property taxes….that is nothing like the Tax Evasion crap we see with Tim Geithner and the ridiculous Charlie Rangel.

The amount of “Male” members of the Obama Administration that have had survived their misdeeds far outweigh the women who had to resign.  (A force way of ouster…even if they say it was their own decision.)

So, that there are not many women democrats out there running in 2012…compared with the Republican woman candidates makes complete sense to me. The Dems have this anti-woman sentiment that reached a peak in 2008, however the GOP has realized this and is taking up the cause of the Mama Grizzlies.

Look at the latest brigade of hate against a strong woman anchor over at Fox…Megyn Kelly. Media Matters is all over Kelly, and is one of their favorite women to berate.

I mean NOW has reiterated the same message it had against Sarah Palin. (There are just too many ridiculous “leftist media” articles that attack Palin to link them here.)  Just as all the recent Journalist buzz has solidified for me…the Democrats and their Media Darlings have it in for women in general.

I’ll say it again…it just pisses me off!


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