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I vant to suck your blood…

So, I just saw the trailer to this new movie coming out next month…and I really want to see it!

It seems every generation has its own vampire obsessions. For my kids generation it seems that the Twilight Series is the one that is causing a stir.

My generation of the 80’s was hip to all the Interview with a Vampire, and the rest of the Vampire Chronicles written by Anne Rice. I absolutely loved the books, but the films…meh. I must say that Kirsten Dunst was such an awesome little actress in Interview…

As far as my absolute favorite media production of a vampire story has to be Dark Shadows. The one that came out in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

My bird, a cockatiel named Mahi, even used to whistle the tune to Dark Shadows. I had a poster of Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collin taped up on my wall…next to Howard Jones and Sting. I even made up a parody song with my Cousin Irene and my mom…instead of “Bette Davis Eyes”…it was “She’s got Julia Hoffman Eyes.”

Every sucker Plecostomus fish we ever had was named Barnabas, and every little catfish in our tank was called Willie…cause they always had to clean up the crap that Barnabas left.

Now that Johnny Deep and Tim Burton will be doing a movie based on the  old series…I am sure that a new generation will love Barnabas as much as I do.


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