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There has been a lot of stuff floating around the RSS feeds that I have subscribed to in my reader, about racism. Stuff about the Tea Party people…NAACP….Media….you name it. I just have some observations that I want to work out.

Okay, so here are just a few of the things I am talking about:

Is All This ‘Conservatives Are Racist’ Talk Designed to Save Dems in November?

Right-wing media attempt to erase “bigoted statements” from the tea party movement

Earth To Barack Obama Supporters And Sarah Palin/Hillary Clinton/Tea Party Haters: Shut Up!

NAACP Hurls False Racism Charge at the Tea-Party Movement

Here is the thing…I live in a very backwoods area of North Georgia. It is still a common thing to see those cross burning bar-b-ques that, while not as predominate as they once were…still disturbingly active along the backroads of my Mountain County.  So it is no surprise that in my counties weekly paper, there was  a flyer among the coupons that was printing on thick glossy stock, and full of patriotic colors…it even has the image of a screeching Bald Eagle with a misty U.S. Flag as the background. I honestly would be afraid to put a link to a scanned picture of the front and back of this flyer. I truly think that it is close to the images that are in the Media Matters link above. However, it has something very different…it actually states this:







It is actually written in all caps in bright red along the bottom of the flyer. Here are some of the other choice words that are blazed across in glossy print, again the emphasis is not mine!

Details on how we…are in bondage to Obama and his Darkside.

Our black imbroglio. How race is killing America and why white racism is rare, black racism is raging.

Obama’s fascism, his rogues, demons and useful idiots. Why Obama will be the last president.

There are other statements of “facts” in this bulleted list of “details” on what is going wrong with the Country… primarily what is wrong with Obama.

So this flyer is separating itself from the Republicans and Tea Party People…and it is pretty obvious that the group who put out this flyer is has the same sort of message as pointed out above. I wonder then, could it be yes…there are some crazy ass racist people out there carrying signs and chanting crap like this flyer states. But if they are not part of the “Republican/Tea Party” crowd, it seems the group who published this flyer are distancing and separating themselves from Tea Partiers…then who are they?

Again, in the area of the country I am in…this type of stuff is no surprise, but my question is…are others noticing a trend of this sort of stuff in the larger cities? And not necessarily the Southern ones?


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