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White House denies NASA remark on Muslim outreach

The White House is contradicting the NASA administrator’s claim that President Barack Obama assigned him to reach out to Muslims on science matters.

Really Your administration did not tell Bolden to push the Muslim addenda?  No shit? Well yes, I think it is shit…the kind that comes out of the ass of bovines!

On Michelle Malkin…White House Denies Assigning NASA Administrator to Perform Muslim Outreach

Somebody call the fire marshall, because the underside of Barack Obama’s bus was already dangerously overcrowded, and yet another body has beenthrown under:

If that’s the case, why didn’t the Obama administration stuff a turban in Bolden’s mouth when he started talking about Obama tasking him with a Muslim outreach way back in February?

Does this sound like a guy who made it all up on his own — twice?

Maybe Obama’s people recognized that announcing a “Muslim outreach” just after telling some NASA employees and others that they’d be losing their jobs due to “new directions” in Obama’s vision for the space program was bad PR, so they decided to roll over on Bolden. I doubt that’s the reason though — Team Obama seems to have a pretty high tolerance for ignoring the will, opinion and outrage of the people.

I think Doug Powers has a huge point. Just like other tidbits that I am finding today, showing Obama’s true colors…

Tom in Paine has another post about Obama Officially Throws Democrats Under The Bus:

Robert Gibbs, Obama’s White House press secretary went on Meet the Press on Sunday and said blithely that ” there is no doubt that Republicans could take control of the House”.

For both Democratic members of the House up for re-election and those charged with raising money for Democratic candidates, if this isn’t the last straw in supporting Obama it should be.

Gibbs statement was not just politically inept,but coming from the spokesman for the president about his own party, undermines everything the Democrats need to do in order to retain control of congress. If they thought they were sounding “honest” a trait sorely missing from Obama’s lifetime political resume, they were mistaken. They just sounded stupid.

Most corporate contributions as everyone knows, is based on businesses wanting to back the winner. Usually they hedge their bets, contributing to both parties but when there is a sense that there is a clear cut winner, the money usually flows in that direction. Obama just gave a lot of corporate interests a lot of reasons to give money to Republicans.

Yes, certainly Democrats could be in trouble, but what Gibbs didn’t say is that the reason the Democrats are in trouble is because of a politically inept, incompetent, dishonest, double dealing, double-talking, conviction-less president who has run Democratic party initiatives into the ground , been tepid and ineffective on every presidential level and has just about everyone disgusted with him even though for very different reasons.

If Gibbs statement, which will be seized by Republicans for their own end, is part of some idiotic White House strategy to “scare” rank and file Democrats unhappy with the ineptitude of Obama into supporting Democratic candidates out of fear of a Republican take over, it is as stupid a strategy as the one Obama used during the health care debate that resulted in the Seinfeld health care bill — something slightly better than nothing. ( And it didn’t take long for the Republicans to do just that — minutes after this was written Republican Eric Cantor issued a statement “agreeing with the White House that the Republicans can take back the House”.) And the backtracking Gibbs is now trying to do is not just worthless, its not even sincere. And besides, you can’t put the proverbial toothpaste back in the tube or un-ring the bell.

On the other hand, don’t put it past Obama to put out a statement like that because , like the corporate interests who play both sides of the fence and hedge their bets, he is doing the same.

Much to the dismay of just about everyone, regardless of the outcome of the November elections, the country and Democrats in particular, are going to be saddled with Obama for the next two years. And Obama just might be hedging his bets as he always does, to try and be on the winning side even if it means undermining his own party, which he has to date, done better than any president in history other than George W. Bush.

Obama’s willingness to throw the Democrats under the bus by re-enforcing the idea that Democrats are in such trouble they could lose the largest majority any party has had in decades, is typical of Obama.

Read the rest of the post, and  the comment as well…

Then there is this…from Oy…My Valve, If At First You Don’t Succeed Try Racism:

The more things strange, the more they stay the same. Looks like Marack Inflamed Pajama is back to his old Pampers tricks of 2008, maligning his critics by implying that they are racist. His toadies did this remarkably well to the Clintons back during the South Carolina primaries, tarring “the first Black President,” Bill Clinton as a racist. The really messed up thing is that it worked. Well, if a brother, or his toadies say he’s a racist, well shucks, he must be one.

Then the supporters of Hillary Clinton were tarred as racists for failing to give up on her candidacy and join the brainwashed masses at Camp Dope and Mange. And naturally, the PUMAs had to be tarred as racists too for defending democratic process, and expecting the Democrat Party to actually follow its own charter instead of taking delegates from one candidate and giving them to another in a state where Pampers wasn’t even on the ballot. Ah, such halcyon days those were…

…He believes Israelis mistrust him because…wait for it…his middle name is Hussein, and that his reaching out to Muslims (read as nullifying Israel as the historic homeland of the Jewish people, and that we are in fact its indigenous people while appeasing Muslim dictators while leading the charge to force Israel to surrender its ability to defend itself and give up sovereignty over the ancient capital of the Jewish people) is seen as him being a friend to Israel’s enemies.

Read more…

Most Transparent Administration Ever Makes Effective Reporting from Gulf a Felony

Effectively reporting on the Gulf oil spill is now a Class D felony, punishable by a fine of up to $40,000.

That’s right, the most transparent administration in history has made it a felony, effective July 1, to get within 65 feet of what the Coast Guard determines are essential recovery efforts. According to Anderson Cooper, officials tried to up that number to 300 feet.

Cooper, who claimed federal officials prevented CNN on two occasions from taking photographs in the gulf, seemed frustrated when he reported on the new laws the day they went into effect. The press is “not the enemy here” he pleaded. The new policies, he said, make it “very easy to hide failure, and hide incompetence.”

Cooper also let loose this zinger: “Transparency is apparently not a priority with [Coast Guard Commandant] Thad Allen these days.”

And then…Governors Voice Grave Concerns on Immigration:

In a private meeting with White House officials this weekend, Democratic governors voiced deep anxiety about the Obama administration’s suit against Arizona’s new immigration law, worrying that it could cost a vulnerable Democratic Party in the fall elections.

“It is such a toxic subject, such an important time for Democrats.”

Greta has reminded us that today is also 26 years since the first woman Geraldine Ferraro was nominated for Vice President. Which I think is very cool…and also sad. 26 years is a long ass time to have some sort of woman nominated for such a high office…but then look at what they did to Hillary in 2008.

Speaking of Greta…there is a thread going on her fora…Obama Voter Fraud During Primaries Exposed by Democrat, that needs to be kept up to the top…

Until Later,

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