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Independence Day? Cue the aliens…

We all could use a good ass kicking…right? I mean we are already down for the count, what could be more helpful than another anal assault from the powers that be. Maybe it is because I have had a migraine for the past 2 days, or maybe it is because I am just tired of all the shit I read…but I am very cynical this morning. (It is 12:30 and I still am calling it “morning.”)

So, this morning I found lots of goodies waiting for me in my Reader. I have picked out a few to touch on because as I said, I am very ornery today.

The US economy lost 125,000 jobs in June, more than economists had forecast, as thousands of temporary census jobs ended and private hiring grew less than expected.

Really? Now there is a fucking surprise. Look, I live in a town where Real Estate, and all the crap that goes with that like builders, plumbers, attorneys and the rest are tied into that economic foot hold. Everyone is out of work here, we are all struggling. The local paper has more pages of legal notices of foreclosure…then they have of local news. It is fucking bad over here! So when you hear the dribble that comes out of the mouths of some of these “elected officials” it really can make you furious.  The above CNBC link also states that:

Public unhappiness with the economy, especially after a record $787 billion package of spending and tax cuts, is eroding President Barack Obama’s popularity.

You think?

Over at Crooks and Liars there is this:  They still don’t seem to get it: It’s not really a recovery without jobs.

And lets not even go into the crap still spewing from BP’s incontinent asshole in the earth…yes that little brown knot hole delivering a blow out of mega proportions. Take a look at this as the spill becomes the biggest the Gulf has ever had. It is not the only thing spewing shit lately. Glamor boy Mel Gibson is at it again. Maybe if BP looked good in a pair of Jockey’s, the public would be more likely to “forgive and forget” just like they do with this racist pig…opps, I mean Academy Award winning actor/director.

Firedoglake has been busy this morning too… they also have a plethora of articles about the BP Oil Spill, so if you have time check it out. There is also this nugget…Thank you, Nancy Pelosi.

And then…yesterday the new Obamacare site went live. As someone who lost their insurance and has pre-existing conditions this was of great interest to me. But as I look thru the site and read the “recommendations” it gives me…I am once again pissed off.

...many people won’t be able to afford to participate in the program since premiums will range between about $140 and $900 a month, depending on applicants’ age and where they live.

Nope, I can’t afford that…but when you make 20 bucks over the government cut off for Medicaid what else can you do?

I guess I should be glad that we are not living in California. Cause if we were, we would really be up shit creek. The best part of this Hot Air post is down at the bottom, in the comments:

I’d had enough of this twin. Put Danny DeVito in charge for a while.  DrAllecon on July 2, 2010 at 10:16 AM

That is too dang funny.

Be sure to read the TGIF post from bostonboomer over at The Confluence today…she has been on a roll lately and posting some awesome stuff.

Anyway, I see that my Reader has downloaded more crap…it is going to be a long day. I think I will take another Darvocet and go back to bed.  I am sure everything will be the same when I wake up…it is not like there are aliens coming to attack us so that they can take over our world…but then again, are they?

Until Later,

Monroe, Your Ill Humored Working Boy


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