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"I get very passionate about what I think is right."-Hillary Rodham Clinton

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This blog has become more like a file cabinet…

A place to store the post I write for Sky Dancing. 

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JJ aka Minkoff Minx

Yup, that is me...on the banks of the Mississippi in Memphis, early 1990's.


My mother and brother Denny at a Dr. Hook concert. Note the No Smoking Sign and her t-shirt...

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  • Sunday Reads: No Thank You, Pussy Hats and Clitoral Holy Veils
    Good Luck That is my new greeting from now forward, because with the fascist tRump leading our country…that is the best salutation you can expect. So many House Reps and Senate members are not attending the inauguration…I think the best reason was given by John Lewis, John Lewis: ‘I Don’t See Trump as a Legitimate […]
  • Wednesday Hump Day Cartoons: US Good…Putin Bad
      Good Morning Even this baby knows how bad things are. I read a link on Facebook, it said that Twitter was deleting tRump’s Twit account. I got all excited!   Of course, it is bullshit. But isn’t it lovely to think so….that something like Twitter deleting tRump’s account, could actually happen. Here are a […]
  • Sunday Open Thread: She’s right!
    Don’t know why this made me laugh like hell last night…. Did you get to see the tweets from former Mexican president Vicente Fox? Beautiful. I wish some of our politicians had the balls to call tRump out like that.  I know that this is yet another Open Thread, but bear with me a little […]
  • Wednesday Open Thread
    Good morning.  Hellos to all, I’m still with my mama…that means she is still in the hospital. The morphine is working but hopefully today we will finally get some answers as to the direction the oncologist wants to take.  Being still in hospital limbo, my brain is not functioning. To be truthful about it, I […]
  • New Year…Again 
    Well, it’s out with the…”Yeah, that was shit.” …and in with the… “Yeah, this is fucked…shit.” I want to share this text with you…it is from my uncle.  These days, I am not certain of anything.  Nothing makes sense.  I hope he is right. It is all any of us can hope for really. Some […]
  • Happy Sunday, Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah 
    Merry Christmas…. And…. Happy Hanukkah! Enjoy your day, this is an open thread. 
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