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"I get very passionate about what I think is right."-Hillary Rodham Clinton

Welcome to Minkoff Minx’s File Cabinet!

This blog has become more like a file cabinet…

A place to store the post I write for Sky Dancing. 

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JJ aka Minkoff Minx

Yup, that is me...on the banks of the Mississippi in Memphis, early 1990's.


My mother and brother Denny at a Dr. Hook concert. Note the No Smoking Sign and her t-shirt...


“I’m a Sky Dancer!”

I am so proud to be a member of the Front Page Team.

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I am very proud to be a part of this diverse group of writers. We have articles on a variety of topics. It is not just politics...we discuss psychology, health care, environmental issues, farming, economics, current events, art, literature and just about anything that sparks an interesting discussion.

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  • Sunday Reads: Inconceivable! RIP William Goldman
    Way back, years ago when I was in college, I studied film. I was only three credits short of a minor in fact…a lot of good that all did. Anyway, one of the many books that I read was on the scripts of William Goldman. I don’t remember the title but I do remember one […]
  • Wednesday Reads: Worst Responder
      Worst Responder: 11/13/2018 Cartoon by Rob Rogers Yeah, I’m just diving in with the cartoons: Vet friend: 11/13/2018 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath Yup…. California Fires: 11/12/2018 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath   Press Caravan: 11/09/2018 Cartoon by Rob Rogers A Higher Caliber: 11/13/2018 Cartoon by Steve Artley 11/10/2018 Cartoon by Steve Artley 11/09/2018 Cartoon b […]
  • Sunday Reads: Rain on his Squirrel
    Imagine what the millions of soldiers who lived months at a time in rainy, wet trenches fighting for freedom would say about a President blowing off a memorial in their name because he didn’t want to get his squirrel’s nest toupee wet. — Rogue WH Snr Advisor (@RogueSNRadvisor) November 11, 2018 Hey, I thought up […]
  • Wednesday Reads: Tank Girl Says It…Dems Got The House
    We can turn this shit around!   Hey, I know…that is a little too positive, coming from someone like me…but even I have to grasp at some rays of hope. Yesterday, on my way to practice I took a picture of the sunset. It made me think of the future, in this way: I said a […]
  • Sunday Reads: Guess Who?
    Yeah…this guy: Today’s post is complemented with images of famous people when they were young…some may surprise you…others will not. I hope you enjoy the show. Earlier this week, Pence came to Georgia. One of my fellow Roller Girls showed up to protest: I am so proud of Pixie! It takes guts to stand there, […]
  • Wednesday Afternoon Reads: Pumpkinhead tRump
    Here are today’s cartoons…. Entitlement cuts: 10/31/2018 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis Suppressing rights: 10/29/2018 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis MAGA van: 10/27/2018 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis   Suspicious package: 10/25/2018 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis A good series of cartoons there… Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump and the Constitution: 10/31/2018 Cartoon by Bruce Plante MakeAmer […]
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