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"I get very passionate about what I think is right."-Hillary Rodham Clinton

Welcome to Minkoff Minx’s File Cabinet!

This blog has become more like a file cabinet…

A place to store the post I write for Sky Dancing. 

So please go to to read more!


JJ aka Minkoff Minx

Yup, that is me...on the banks of the Mississippi in Memphis, early 1990's.


My mother and brother Denny at a Dr. Hook concert. Note the No Smoking Sign and her t-shirt...

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I am very proud to be a part of this diverse group of writers. We have articles on a variety of topics. It is not just politics...we discuss psychology, health care, environmental issues, farming, economics, current events, art, literature and just about anything that sparks an interesting discussion.

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  • Sunday Reads: Hello is there anybody in there?
    Good morning Well, I am starting this post in a new way. I am writing it on my iPhone using the talk to text thingy. You know, that app where you talk and it writes what you say. So far… it has disappeared on me once, and has gone black a couple of times so […]
  • Friday Nite Lite: Ha, good one!
    Yeah there are a few real good ones tonight… AAEC – Political Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies …like the one above.  Too funny. On with the rest of them… Clay Bennett: Public Health – Clay Bennett – Truthdig Please Politicize Ebola by Tina Dupuy “Politicize” is a jab meaning the other side is trying to capitalize […]
  • Sunday Visions: And what creeps from beneath the sickly hallows…
    Mourning… Taking a cue from Boston Boomer… Shall I tell you what lurks under the sickly hallows of my bedclothes? Something ghastly, directly out of a Roger Corman Film….I am thinking of one of those lovely family portraits in The House of Usher, 1960: You remember that scene…don’t you? Actually, I think those paintings may […]
  • Friday Fright Nite Late Open Thread
    Good Evening Every day it seems like Halloween has come early…it is even reflected on the cartoon editorials: Mike Luckovich: Halloween Media Scare – Mike Luckovich – Truthdig Luckovich has some good ones this week! More from him later. NFL Pink by Political Cartoonist Joe Heller Turkeys by Political Cartoonist Steve Nease Then you have […]
  • Wednesday: Olive Drab and Paisley Blues
    Good Morning The other day I put some new sheets on my bed, they were these nice old-fashioned olive and blue paisley print cotton sateen ones that I’d bought years ago.  The design was pretty, but for some odd reason, there was something about these damn sheets that attracted me…and it wasn’t until I put […]
  • Sunday Reads: The frost is on the pumpkin, goose has gone to fly
    Good Morning Moving in silent desperation Keeping an eye on the Holy Land A hypothetical destination Say, who is this walking man? Well, the leaves have come to turning And the goose has gone to fly And bridges are for burning So don’t you let that yearning Pass you by Walking man, walking man walks […]

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